Minsi Trails Council 2020 Popcorn Sale

As of 11/16/2020 - Please note the recent change to product pick-up!

  1. Money Due
    1. Show and Sell payments are due to Council - September 22, 2020.
    2. Take Orders payments are due no later then December 4, 2020.
      1. Invoice for product, minus the unit commission will be reflected in the Take Order invoice.  Council will send invoice on or prior to product pick-up. 
    3. Online Sales
      1. Customer pays online and product shipped directly to customers location.  No need for Scout or unit to collect payments. 
      2. Campmaster directly pays the online Scout Commission to Minsi Trails Council.  Minsi Trails Council will place the unit commissions in the Units Custodial account at Council.  
  2. Unit Take Order - "How to complete"
    1. All Due in the system - extended to on or before October 24, 2020 
    2. Download the instructions here on how to accomplish. 
  3. Unit Take Order Pick-Up
    1. The unit will be invoiced directly from Minsi Trails Council on or prior to pick up date.  
    2. Due to COVID-19 Business Protocols,  We as a council have been limited to one pick location - ATAS International. Our goal is to make it safe and accessible for product pick-up.  Thank you for your patience in these unprecedented times. 
    3. Due to vendor supply, the new Product Pick for units will be:
      1. Friday December 4th and Saturday December 5th @ ATAS International, 6612 Snowdrift Road, Allentown, PA 18106
      2. Here is a message from our vendor Campmaster Memo
      3. An email will be sent to each Unit Kernel alerting them of the change and instructions on what to do next.  If you have not received an email before 11/3 - please contact Paul.oswald@scouting.org
      4. Please communicate this to your customers about product delivery delay.
  4. Online Scout Sales
    1. Continue to sell and earn commission. If a scout sells online from now until December 4th, he or she can continue to earn commission and increase prize levels. 
    2. Online sales window ends December 4, 2020.
    3. To receive a copy of online Scout commissions that have been deposited into the Council Unit Account, please email a request to Suzann suzann.young@scouting.org 
  5. Ordering Prizes 
    1. Link to order is on the Kernel's dashboard in the campmaster system.
    2. Even if the unit has completed the Show & Sell and Take Order portions of the Sale, Scouts may sell online up to December 4th.  
    3. Kernel, best practice would be to wait until after the online sales end - December 4th, to have a complete sale total for the Scouts.  Online selling is a great way to continue to earn commission. 
  6. Campmaster High Achiever Prizes
    1. Download the Campmaster High Achiever Prize Form
    2. Download the Campmasters Program Alternative to Scholarship Program
  7. Top 50 Sellers "Jump Party"
    1. Minsi Trails Council will use the online Campmaster system to determine the individual top 50 sellers.  This includes all three selling strategies; Show & Sell, Take Order, and Online Sales.  Please make sure the individual Scout sales are reflected in the scouts Campmaster account.
    2. No - Preregistration due at this time. 
    3. Date of event - pending based on current COVID-19 restrictions.  All announcements and invitations will be made through Paul Oswald to the Top 50 Sellers. 
  8. Help?
    1. Email Paul.oswald@scouting.org 

Additional Unit Leaders/Kernels Processes 








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