Minsi Trails Council, Inc., BSAAdvancementCouncil Advancement Committee

2022 Minsi Trails Council Advancement Team 

As of 7/29/2022

Chairman -  Eric J. Chiles, 
(H) 610-865-5787 (C) 484-241-1355   e-mail ejchiles@aol.com

Vice Chair -  Charles “Chas” Chase, 
(C) 610-360-6334 (H) 610-866-6192 e-mail ccjcpabsa@aol.com

Staff Advisor -  Diane Lariar,
PO Box 20624, Lehigh Valley, PA 18002, (B) 610-465-8563
(C) 484-767-3455 -e-mail diane.lariar@scouting.org

Registrar/Advancement Services - Stephanie Miller,
PO Box 20624, Lehigh Valley, PA 18002, 
(B) 610-465-8569 e-mail stephanie.miller@scouting.org

Cub Scout Chair - Michael Philipp, 
(H) 215-527-4149 e-mail michaelphilipp9193@gmail.com

Scout BSA Chair - Jon Slaton, 
(H) 908-995-4663 e-mail bsanut@verizon.net

Eagle Chair - Phil Moreira, 
(C) 484-225-7610 e-mail philmora56@gmail.com 

Special Advancement Awards - Charles "Chas" Chase, 
(C) 610-360-6334 (H) 610-866-6192 e-mail ccjcpabsa@aol.com

Scoutbook Chair - Drew Draper, 
(C) 610-597-9648   e-mail acdraper31@rcn.com 

Council VP of Unit Programs - Matt Woodruff, 
(C) 610-984-2181 e-mail ma.woodruff@outlook.com 

Monroe District

Chair/Scouts BSA/Merit Badges - Francis Oquendo, 
(H) 570-269-5089 e-mail numero1scout@gmail.com

Eagle Chair – Dan Planer, 
(H) 570-977-8507 e-mail dwplaner2007@yahoo.com 

Cub Scouts – Nicole Kresge, 
(H) 570-619-5479 e-mail nkresge.pack85tan@gmail.com

Northampton District

Chair/Eagle Chair - Jim Daley, 
(H) 610-759-7169 e-mail j.daley@rcn.com

Eagle Committee – Bernie Marth, 
(H) 610-724-0437 e-mail berniemarth@gmail.com 

Cub Scouts – Denise Warner, 
(C) 610-390-9250 e-mail Denise.Warner3@yahoo.com 

Scouts BSA– William Gade, 
(C) 610-762-9396, email wagade@yahoo.com 

Merit Badges - Bruce Horton, 
(H) 484-281-3441 e-mail bhworks@bellatlantic.net

Warren District

Chair/Merit Badges  – Shane Serrao, 
(C) 908-283-6478 e-mail shane.serrao@yahoo.com 

Eagle Chair –Jon Slaton, 
(H) 908-995-4663 e-mail  bsanut@verizon.net 

Cub Scouts – Becky Johnson, 
(C) 908-797-5156 e-mail ebjohn7304@yahoo.com 

Scouts-BSA – Open 

Lehigh District

Chair - Linda Roth, 
(C) 484-330-9817 e-mail roth1000ma@aol.com 

Eagle Chair – Brian Harman, 
(C)  484-264-7145 e-mail lehighdistricteagle@minsitrails.org 

Eagle Committee – S. Randall Marushak, 
(H) 610-262-8089 e-mail  eagle64srm@gmail.com 

Eagle Committee – Richard Silvius, 
(H) 610-837-7257 e-mail rasilvius@gmail.com 

Eagle Committee – Chad B. Seibert, 
(H) 484-554-5964 e-mail cseibert@buckeye.com 

Cub Scouts – Karen Christman, 
(C) 610-390-3573 e-mail kceagle77@gmail.com 

Scouts BSA – Donald Schneck, 
(H) 610-216-2707 e-mail eedon@ptd.net 

Merit Badges – Robin Ruch, 
(C) 610-849-6585 e-mail robin.ruch.scouting.org@aol.com

Carbon-Luzerne District 

Chair/Cub Scouts/Eagle – Janet Jungermann, 
(C) 570-582-5221 e-mail  janet.jungermann@yahoo.com 


Eagle Chair – Herb King, 
(H) 570-443-7431 (C) 570-582-8203 e-mail herbking649@yahoo.com 

Scouts BSA - Open

Merit Badges - Open





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